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How do I get started?

Call us: 847-367-6447.  The staff answering the phone will request information and will proceed to schedule an appointment or will have our specific counselor return your call, to schedule an appointment.  Most appointments can be scheduled within 2 days; if emergency, you will receive assistance the same day.

If we are talking with someone, the voice mail will receive your call.   Leave your name and phone number and you will receive a call back within one hour during a business day.

What does it cost?

We have arrangements with most Employee Assistance and insurance companies, including Military One Source and TRICARE..

As a general rule, the EAP programs are provided by the company for which the person works as a benefit to the employee and their family; there is no charge, to the client, for this counseling.

Most insurance companies have either a deductable and/or a co-pay requirement.  We are members of most, if not all. Insurance, HMO, PPO, and EPO panels and therefore have a very favorable rate.  Every company has a different financial arrangement with their insurance company so that the deductable and co-pays vary with the different companies.

Who would I be seeing?

Every one of our clinicians is state licensed, primarily as Social workers.  All  have a minimum of 20 years of experience in the Mental Health field.  All are married and have children. We try and match our clients with the therapist that can best service the client’s needs.  We have both men and women clinicians.
If we believe you need other assistance, we will work with you to access that assistance.

Do you have evening/ weekend hours?

YES.   All five offices have evening and weekend hours.  If there is a need, we do schedule Sunday hours, by appointment.

If I want to have marriage counseling, does my spouse have to come in with me?

The needs of the situation dictate whether that is necessary.  Sometimes, the initial session is attended by only one party.   In those situations where one person attends, a decision will be made as to how to proceed to obtain the results wished.

Is there any Christian Counselors on the staff?

Yes, but we are not Spiritual Confessors and will refer you and any questions that are outside our purview, such as a questions having to do with a particular religion’s beliefs, to a Person of the Cloth.

If I have a loved one in a facility outside this area, can you collaborate any assistance with me to the other facility?

We have several instances when a person receiving residential assistance outside the area has used our services and held joint sessions with the staff members of the other organization.

Do you have experience working with the military?

Most definitely!  We have worked with all branches of the military, except Coast Guard.  In addition we have worked with employees from several federal agencies including the Department of Defense.  We are familiar with TRICARE and with Military One Source.

Our Mission: Dedicated to building resiliency and facilitating wellness throughout our clients' lifespan.
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